Monday, July 27, 2009

Catch up continued. Dave and Ali's wedding.

Ben and I drove to Indiana for Dave and Ali's wedding. We had a great time with everyone. Enjoy the pics.

The Johnson family: Ben, Hayden, Morgan, Baby Girl Johnson, and Emerson.

The Johnson family with Ben and me.
Me and Ben.

My good friend Chelsea.

Miss Julie and her beautiful daughter Evelyn.

My good friends Staci and Chelsea

Chels and me

Me, Staci, Ali, and Chels
Morgan, Ali, Julie, and Me

Me with Morgan, Hayden, and Julie.

Me with Jen, so good to see you (haven't seen her since high school).

Me, Morgs, and Jules

Me and Ali at the end of the night.

Congrats Ali and Dave. You had a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Thanks for inviting us to share in your special day. I miss all of you girls. It really is not fun going so long between spending time together.

Catch up continued. Camping.

Every year we go camping with our camping partners, Chip and Katie. It is ALWAYS and adventure. Every year we choose to go to a different spot. This year we chose Fisherman's Island State Park in Charlevoix, MI. This was a beautiful state park.

We always must have an American flag flying, and this is what it takes to get it hung...poor Ben.

Getting closer.

Thanks to Katie, Chip was NOT going to fall off Ben and break his neck AGAIN.

Chip and Katie's master bedroom for the weekend.

Our suite for the weekend.

Chip acting like a ravished animal.

We took our bikes from Charlevoix to Petoskey and rode along a bike path and this was the beautiful view most of the way. Doesn't get much better than this!!

Out to eat in Petoskey.
On the deck of the restaurant in Petoskey.
Ben and I on the beach of the state park.

Chip and Katie on the beach of the state park.

We were all playing on the beach and skipping stones...or trying to anyways.
Katie and I.

Chip being Chip at our campsite.

Katie with Chip in the background and a little view of the campsite.

Ben and I in front of the oh so important flag.

Again, Chip being Chip.

We always have a great time camping with Chip and Katie. Can't wait to see where we go next year!!

Quote of the weekend: At the restaurant in Petoskey, Chip and I were arguing about which direction is north. This restaurant has a deck that faces the harbor. I asked the waitress, which way is north. She seemed quite unsure of herself and pointed a certain direction. Then I thought I would make things easy for her. I asked her, "which way does the sunset from here?" Her reply, "well, that is pretty unpredictable." Oh no, did she just say that the direction the sun sets is UNPREDICTABLE??? If there is one thing in life that is predictable, it is where the sun sets. We got a few good laughs out of that one!!

Catch up continued. Lindsay's Bachelorette Party.

July 3rd a bunch of girls got together to celebrate with Lindsay for her pre-wedding celebration. We had a great time together. Thanks to my awesome who came at 2AM to take many of us home. Here are some pics for your enjoyment.

Sandi and Julie

Ellie and me
Julie, me, Lindsay, Holly, and Tiffany
Me, Renee, Julie and Lindsay
Uh oh, Tiffany bough some shots for the bride.
Renee and me
Me and Ellie again
Lindsay with her sister-in-law Whitney.
Renee and Dawn
Renee doing what she does best...dancing it up.
Lindsay owning the stage with the band.
Again Lindsay doing a great job being the star!

Had so much fun with all you girls, CONGRATS to Lindsay and Natan! Again thanks Ben for being such an awesome husband at the end of the night!!

Catch up continued. Krista and Andy's wedding

OK...So here is to really catching up.

June 26 Ben and I headed up north towards Pembine, WI for my dear friend's (Krista and Andy) wedding. Krista ran cross country and track with me at Grand Valley State. This wedding was an awesome time. For those of you that don't know where Pembine, WI is...your not alone. It is right along the border of the upper peninsula of Michigan. The beautiful wedding reception was held on Miscauno Island at the Four Season's Resort. This place was awesome and in the middle of nowhere.

This is Ben driving across the Mackinac Bridge and the beautiful sky we got to enjoy while crossing it. (PS...Ben wanted me to take a picture of HIM driving across the bridge, he had never been the one behind the wheel.)

Ben and I went golfing at the resort before the wedding and met this little guy.
Picture of Ben enjoying the course.

Of course we had to get a few pics of the lovely, Krista, and Jeannie. Boy do I miss running with these girls.
Check out this beauty. I love this girl. This is Emily, the daughter of a couple of good friends from the good 'ole track days, Ted and Deb.
Had to get a pic of the beautiful baby with Ben too. Check out those roles on her arms. we are getting crazy. Had so much fun with you girls.
Jeannie, I am so sorry that Ben bought you all those tequilla shots.
Ok now that one is a little better.

Congrats Krista and Andy, thanks for including us in your special day. Ben and I had a great weekend!!!